Self-employed, REMOTE, Around the world – (Jan 2022 - Present)

Following my tenure at Lenus eHealth, I embarked on a career sabbatical to enrich myself both personally and professionally. This period has been dedicated to travel, delving into innovative side projects, and refining my skills to align with the evolving technological landscape. Currently, I am actively immersed in exploring the synergies between Large Language Models (LLMs), Generative Models, Software Development, and the generation of text and imagery, herein UI.

Tech Lead

Lenus eHealth, Copenhagen, Denmark – (Sep 2018 – Jan 2022) · 3 yrs 5 mos

Lead mobile development at Lenus eHealth with focus on maintainability, stability and high iteration velocity.

I joined Lenus eHealth as the first technical hire (outside of the founding team) with the task of creating the company’s first mobile app and laying down the foundation for further growth. As the company grew from 7 to 350+ people I took on the tech lead role to set the technical direction in collaboration with the individual cross-functional teams needs together with industry best practices. My work shifted from product engineering towards platform, infrastructure and some management. During my tenure lifting the team as a whole through mentorship, pair programming, workshops and solving technical challenges, needs, bottlenecks and frustrations have been a source of great motivation and meaning to me.


Single handedly built the company's iOS/Android mobile application in 3 months with incredible low amount of bugs and crashes thanks to a focus on high type-safety in the frontend, but also across the stack by ensuring full type-safety from the database-GraphQL-frontend and back.

A significant milestone project delivered under my leadership and guidance was a Messenger.com equivalent cross-platform (Desktop web and native mobile) experience built using Expo/React Native Web and Relay + Relay compatible GraphQL backend in 3 months by me and two full-stack developers with minimal React Native experience.

Built out a simple and effective developer onboarding with reproducible environments that allowed new developers to get up and running with all the company repositories in less than 10 minutes and also have the same environment across development, CI and production.

E2E (Detox) testing of critical flows in PRs and the use of test recorders to write and update specs efficiently, leading to increased confidence in the team and lowering the maintenance burden of tests.

Automated deployment of preview environments for every PR allowing everyone in a cross-functional teams to review changes across the full-stack from frontend web and mobile to backend.

Profiled, identified and resolved significant slowdowns across the technological stack from compiler, Jest tests runs, dependencies to CI/CD build and startup time to user facing application performance slowdowns.

Created a white-labeling solution for React Native apps allowing stakeholders in the company to create apps by providing required assets and required information. When this lead to the increase in creation of apps it became necessary to also design an automated build and deployment system to decrease time required to create the app and submit deployments to app stores.

Designed and carried out a large-scale incremental migration strategy from ReasonML to TypeScript across all product teams to reduce complexity and streamline development practices and languages across all our codebases.

Using advanced Typescript features to implement greater type safety and developer UX by providing type completions for i18n and analytics libraries.

Defined a github PR template to encourage effective communication and systematize the process such as defining checklist of task required to mark a PR as ready to merge.

Wrote extensive documentation on different processes lowering the dependence on key individuals in the company and allowing for more streamlined onboarding of new team members. Processes related to product releases were also documented to an extent that anyone in the company could create app store releases rather than a few select engineers in the company. Most releases and rollbacks were hands-off and automated thanks to CD pipeline and Over The Air updates which was in place from version 1.0.0 of the mobile app.

Defined a process for RFC and knowledge exchange, that increased engagement in the engineering department. Company employees also presented their knowledge and experiences at the local React meetup and were engaged in helping me with organizing the meetup.

Implemented Analytics and documented best practices for product managers and engineers.

During the last few months of my tenure I researched and compiled several best practices prior to starting work on the company’s design system based on Material-UI (Web) and React Native Paper (Mobile).

React Native Engineer

Consultant @ Startup, Copenhagen, Denmark – (Oct 2016 - Sep 2018 ) · 2 yrs

Worked on a social audio feed and alarm clock app that later pivoted to become a well known player in the podcasting space in Europe. I worked as the lead mobile engineer in a small team mostly focused on mobile frontend and native aspects of implementing audio playback, recording and building an alarm clock without any native apis allowing this on iOS.

Software Developer

Jayway, Copenhagen, Denmark – (Nov 2014 - Oct 2016) · 2 yrs

Worked mainly on native Android projects at a leading Scandinavian consultancy, Jayway. Was involved in building, testing and maintaining the mobile app of one of the largest telecom providers in Europe and also another fortune 100 company. This was an experience that opened my eyes up to how important code quality, patterns, testing and documentation are in large scale codebases. Towards the end of my tenure I discovered React.JS and React Native and saw its power as an overall force-multiplier and potential game-changer for small startups and a technology that scales incredibly well with the size of the company and codebase.

Co-Founder & Web Developer

cHosting, Copenhagen, Denmark – (Jun 2011 - May 2016) · 5 yrs

Founded cHosting I/S together with three partners. cHosting provided linux based web-hosting solutions, mainly shared hosting, on the Danish market. My role included design and development of the company's website in Wordpress (PHP), customer support and server management. The company was acquired in mid 2016.

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